After the devastating earthquake that hit the Turkish town Elazğ, the management of the Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina sent condolences to the Turkish Red Crescent and Turkish citizens. In addition to that, our management is in constant contact with the representatives of the Turkish Red Crescent, a delegation to BiH, who informed us that Turkey did not request international assistance at this time.
We continue to monitor the situation and are ready to organize, if the need arises, a solidarity action to collect aid for the population affected by the earthquake in Turkey. In addition to our solidarity action, we are ready to send our volunteers and staff trained in disaster and natural disasters

The President of the Turkish Red Crescent, Dr. Kerem KINIK thanked to the Red Cross Society of BiH for their condolences and solidarity in this difficult time for the citizens of Turkey. Currently, over 200 professionals and more than 2,000 volunteers from Turkish Red Crescent are on site helping people. Staff and volunteers help thousands of people in the region affected by the earthquake and distribute food, shelter, clean water and non-food items. Turkish Red Crescent Teams also provide health care and psychosocial support services to people in need.
"We are very pleased and deeply appreciate your expression of solidarity. It is wonderful to know, in these difficult times, that we are a large humanitarian family,” wrote Dr. Kinik to our management.