Partnership meeting , which was organized by RCSBIH, was held in the headqurters of the Red Cross of Republika Srpska on 03.02.20202. The purpose of the meeting was o present a Development plan for RCSBIH and Plan of Action. Beside managemnet of RCSBIH, participants were colleagues from IFRC Office for Europe, the ICRC Delegation to BiH, and representatives of sister national societies: the Swiss Red Cross, Turkish Red Crescent and Italian Red Cross.

RCSBIH Development Plan aims to strengthen the capacity and activities of the organization at multiple fields and levels. Organizational development is focused on strengthening the legal basis, partnerships and resource development, internal and external communication and coordination, human resources development, volunteer management and youth development, information technology, finance and administration, logistics and security systems – which will strengthen the overall coordination and efficiency of the work of RCSBIH. Improvements in these areas will ensure the coherence of activities within the RCSBIHstructure and will strengthen the coordination role of the National Society Headquarters in Sarajevo.

The participants of the meeting had the opportunity to discuss the situation in BiH, the activities of RCSBIH structure, discuss the latest developments and need to strenthen capacities in current circumstances and agree on a common path forward, including emergency operations and development and capacity building.