IFRC Office for Europe, Budapest hosted ahealth training in the context of migration. On behalf of RCSBIH, participants at this training were Ms. Edina Zagić , medical doctor, Adna Čelik, Medical doctor, and Jasmin Nikšić, BA in Nursing and Therapies , members of the Federation of BiH Red Cross First Aid Expert Team as medical personnel actively involved in the health care of migrants in BiH.

The main objective of this training, in addition to getting acquainted with the basic health challenges in migration, was the preparation of medical research on health services for migrants on the Balkan route, which will be conducted in cooperation with the World Health Organization and the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Budapest.

During the meeting, Ms. Seija Tyrninoksa, Deputy Director of the Office, Dr. Davron Mukhamadiev and Dr. Aneta Trgachevska from the Health Department, addressed the participants, who also conducted training together with professors from the aforementioned faculty.

In addition to RCSBIH representatives , the training was attended by colleagues from the Red Cross organizations of Montenegro, Serbia and Northern Macedonia, who will also be involved in the research.

The survey will be conducted in Sarajevo at Camp Blažuj as well as at the railway station and will be supported by IFRC and Norwegian Red Cross.