On 16.03.2020. a meeting was held in WHO office in BiH between representatives of RCSBIH and Mr. Victor Olsavszky, Head of World Health Organisation and Dr. Mirza Palo, National Professional Emergency Preparedness Officer at BiH level and International Health Regulations.

On behalf of RCSBIH, the meeting was attended by: M SC. Rajko Lazić, Secretary General of RCSBIH, Mr. Đoko Mihajlović, Secretary General of RCRS, Mr Jasmin Nikšić, Youth Coordinator and RCFBiH Public Health Program Assistant and Ms. Žaklina Ninković, International Cooperation Coordinator.

They disscused all aspects of possible cooperation between RCSBIH and WHO, taking into conisderation RCSBIH activities in response to the coronavirus pandemic – COVID-19.

The meeting reluted with the following conclusions:
1) Representatives of the WHO office in BiH will send to RCSBIH a presentation modules which are used for the training of Ministry of health representatives related to coronavirus pandemic, and which RCSBIH can adapt according to its needs.
2) RCSBIH International cooperation coordinator will send a document to WHO office in BiH with proposal of locations of mobile teams memebrs, partners of RCSBIH (Danish council for refugees, Border police BiH and others), with foreseen number of participants, names (number) a facilitators and list of training costs (room rental, lunch, coffee break)..
3) Representatives of WHO in BiH will inform all Institutes for public health (entity and regional/cantonal) about trainings that will be held by RCSBIH, so that representatives of these Public health institutions may attend trainings and share important information with other participants (for ex. to whom to refer in case of first symptoms of corona virus infection).