The Secretary General of the Red Cross of Bosnia and Herzegovina Mr.Rajko Lazić and the Deputy Minister for Human Rights and Refugees of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mr. Dževad Mahmutović signed a Memorandum of Cooperation today in the RCSBIH headquarters premises of the Association with the aim to improve a cooperation in providing assistance to the most vulnerable categories in our country.

The primary objective of signing the Memorandum is the implementation of the Interventional Assistance Measures for the Most Vulnerable Categories of Population in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the COVID-19 Pandemic, as well as the future joint activities of the Ministry, the Red Cross Society of BiH  and partner organization

The intervention measures relate to the assistance to the most vulnerable categories of the population who, without the help of institutions and partner organizations, cannot cope with the challenges of the crisis caused by the pandemic. The measures apply to the most vulnerable returnees and displaced persons, users of public kitchens, residents of collective centers, children, persons with disabilities and the elderly people in institutions, Roma communities, refugees and readmitted persons, and victims of domestic violence.

Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees has submitted the proposed measures to the Co-ordination Body of Bosnia and Herzegovina for Protection and Rescue and to numerous domestic and international partner organizations. Based on the Memorandum signed today, the partner organizations will have the opportunity to participate in the implementation of the proposed measures through the Red Cross Society of BiH, which has already began the implementation of some of the proposed activities.

Deputy Minister Mr. Mahmutović emphasized highly successful cooperation between the Ministry and the Society, as well as the importance of a number of activities undertaken by the Society, starting with an information campaign to raise public awareness of the dangers and ways to protect against coronavirus and actions to help the most vulnerable. Disinfection of sites, establishment of a SOS phone line for providing psychosocial support...

Mr.Lazić and Mr. Mahmutović concluded that it is necessary to ensure quality coordination of activities and to refer donors to the most vulnerable categories of population while ensuring maximum transparency of donations and realized activities.