In cooperation with the International Federation of Red Cross / Red Crescent Societies (hereinafter IFRC) An urgent appeal was launched on 8. December through which IFRC and RCSBIH are seeking 3,300,000 Swiss francs to provide food for 9 months, and hygiene and other items, including blankets and sleeping bags the next 12 months for about 1,000 refugees / migrants in two reception centers in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

"We are concerned that without coordinated action, migrants will experience a humanitarian disaster that can be completely prevented. However, if we are reacting now - and the procedures we are talking about, are straightforward and easy to achieve - we can provide protection for migrants and for domestic population. But the clock is ticking, "said the regional director of IFRC for Europe, Mr. Simon Missiri.

Currently, RCSBIH , with the support of partners from the International Red Cross / Red Crescent Movement (hereinafter referred to as the Movement), IOM and UNHCR, prepares and distributes food for about 3,000 people every day in four reception centers, but resources and supplies are limited. Staff and volunteers also distribute warm clothes, sleeping bags and blankets for migrants, of whom majority arrives without winter clothes.

"RCSBIH with its structure does not have financial and material resources necessary for an adequate response to migration crisis. We expect assistance from sister national Red Cross / Red Crescent societies and we thank to all members of the Movement who recognize the needs of refugees / migrants in BiH which exceed capacities of RCSBIH and the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina , "said Mr. Branko Leko, Secretary General of RCSBiH.

Mobile Red Cross teams will patrol in transit areas and will work with migrants in transit all across BiH to provide food, blankets and hot drinks, as well as provide first aid to refugees / migrants in areas outside reception centers. Mobile teams will also spread messages of active minefields to warn migrants of the dangers of explosive remnants left behind the war. Bosnia and Herzegovina is the most mine polluted country in Europe.