Regional meeting on Restoring Family links was held in Belgrade from 13-14 November 2018. The meeting was attended by 14 representatives of the National Societies from the Region (Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania), as well as representatives of RCs of Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, IFRC and ICRC offices from Budapest, Sarajevo, Pristine and Belgrade. On behalf of the Red Cross Society of BiH, the meeting was attended by Mrs. Elvira Šišić, Tracing Service coordinator.

The following topics were discussed at OPV meeting: Migration (the latest areas within RFL; Current Challenges in Europe / Skye Call; RFL and Migration / Transregional Aspects; Adriatic Route; RFL in Emergency; New RFL Strategy 2025; RFL and Data Protection; ICRC travel document / in emergencies; Families of persons accused of participating in international conflicts; RFL as a part of protection; Communication with authorities; FLAnswers / latest upgrade (FLEXTRANET, TTF); Safer access; PSS (psycho-social support); Family links web page.

The meeting ended with the satisfaction of all participants and conclusions and recommendations for RFL Annual conference preparations.